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Classic retro game. I call it Evil Islands 🙂


I’ve been working on and off on this game for 4 weeks and is finally able to say “Finished!… Almost ;-)” – All that is left now, is some fine tuning and adding a couple of extra visual effects and I can say it’s completely done.

Well, what is this game?

The story goes like this: Some very bad people have invaded an island and are using it to build a cruise missile launch site, which will be used to bomb all major cities in the world. Sounds bad, eh? It is! To build this launch site, they have built several factories on the island which provide the necessary materials and man power to build the site. And to top it all, they’ve placed numerous military installations on the island to protect them selves. This include, airports which launches to types of aircraft, who will hunt you, AA-installations which will shoot at you, radar and missile sites, which will launch heat seeking missiles against you, radar jammers and patrolling tanks which will shoot evil shots at you. No one is your friend on this island.

You, as a hired mercenary for the navy, can choose between 2 different helicopters each with their own abilities. One can carry air-to-air missiles and one carries air-to-ground missiles. Both helicopters also have ground bombs and a minigun. These helicopters can furthermore be upgraded with better armour and flares to help avoid missiles. Your mission is simple, destroy the factories, so they can’t produce, and finally kill off the missile launch site.

Around the island you will also find some helipads, which can be used to repair and rearm your helicopter.

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