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I didn’t actually feel like Wally got the attention he deserved – In short, I got bored coding the game. But I made a lot of good functions which can be used in other 2D platformers, like pixel-perfect collision detection in tiles, particle-system, multiplayered tile scrolling etc. This I can use in other projects. But using hours and hours in TileEd (a great 2D map editor) made me realize, that I HATE drawing maps. This can also be seen in Wally – The last third of the map, was done in a hurry – Not many enemies and no great variation.

This made me think and google a lot, and I’ve created a random map generation function, which will create unique dungeon-like maps, for Wally to explore. Complete with a guaranteed exit on all maps, lots of treasures to pickup, different kind of baddies each with their unique behaviours, traps and hidden goodies.

And this time I will equip Wally with a jetpack, instead of having stairs everywhere.

Wally 2 – Go deeper is in the works 🙂