Finished a couple of issues last night, so I can remove these items from my list:

– OK Create “Game win!”
– OK! Remove debug text
– OK! Find sounds and music
– OK! Fix sounds, to only mp3
– OK! Implement ESC – pause game
– OK! When entering a world, change the zoom so it shows enemies
– OK! Redefine resizing of canvas to all devices
– OK! Sound manager (to enable mute of sounds – 2 types : Music and effects)
– OK! Figure out, why some sounds don’t play anything?!

My current list of things still not finished:


– Create font (upper and lower)
– Create information panel – How to show info??
– Add score count + show
– Create shartup page (incl. some kind of help/story)
– Sound mute on/off
– (disregard) Implement energy on vira as red vira can sustain more damage
– Add animation as virus move to another planet (fade out at starport)
– Create new starship + add white blink
– Red vira should aim better (new routine)
– Give helpinfo on various events
– (rejected) Adding a shop for purchasing new weapons and ships
– ? Why do missiles mis finding a new target?
– Replace jammer with 4 pregen. images
– Improve collision detection
– Improve planet generation
– When virus attacks planet, scale it slowly to 0%
– licenced music
– Title music
– Ingame
– Ingame
– Ingame
– Ingame
– Star map
– Player explosion sounds

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