Game Evil Islands

Story Clear each island from bad guys trying to build a cruse missile launch site, using your trusted helicopter

State “Done” 🙂 99.9% finished. Only needs some more visual touches. Fully playable

Website Play Evil Islands


Game Wally

Story Help Wally rob the old mines for gold and diamond, while evading the enemies. Ultimately find the way out, before your lives run out..

State Almost done 🙂 99% finished. Fully playable, Only missing the final polish + more sound effects

Website Play Wally


Game AstroVirus

Story Be a hero and save the universe from a virus infection, which eats planets. Hyperjump from system to system, killing all vira before they spread.

State Almost done 🙂 90% finished. Fully playable, but still missing bits’n’pieces

Website Play AstroVirus